New offer & quotation process

Our core feature - reinvented

We received and heard your feedback regarding the creation of offers and quotes. In general the process seemed unclear, confusing and with no distinct guidance making room for unintended mistakes. After gathering all insights we tried to streamline the experience and create an easy, fast and comprehensible process. 

Several weeks of development later, we’re proud to present to you the all new offer and quotation process.

Let’s see what we came up with on a small tour around the new features. 


Enquiry Detail Page

As you surely noticed, you’re not able to input your details directly into the enquiry anymore. We wanted to create a clear line between the customer and the supplier information. 

After carefully checking the enquiry details you can start the offer/quotation process by clicking the ‘create’ button in the new status banner.


Step one

Entering the first step you’ll find the products requested by the customer. You’re able to change, add, delete or deactivate products depending on your product availability. However entering the correct PpL is mandatory to proceed with the process.


Step two

Here you must add vital details to your offer. All information, except the vendor reference, is mandatory and relevant to the customer.


Step three

Nearly finished! You’re one click away from sending your offer/quote to the customer. In this step you can review all information you previously entered. Please be careful while reading it. Any open questions or additional details towards the customer can be written in the message box at the bottom. 

Finished? Hit the ‘send’ button.



You forgot an important detail, information changed or you mixed up products? No worries. After sending the offer/quote to the customer you’re still able to edit all entered details. While on the detail page simply click the edit button at the top of the screen.


Any questions?
We’re glad to help. Just contact us via mail!