Security & Data Protection

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Security is a very important topic that we consider seriously.
From password security to database encryption, we do our best to protect your data.


Access Control

Our system is tailored with the customer in mind. All data processed as well as all account accesses are independent and individually assigned to each customer. Each account can be controlled by predefined roles with different access rights. Each individual user access is protected with a distinct & personalised password which can be changed anytime and only by the user.


All customer related data is saved in our database, which is protected using the AES256 encryption standard. Additionally, every communication within our system e.g. between our database and backend or between the customer and our API is SSL/TLS encrypted.


Our entire system is isolated and firewall protected. Access is only possible through our website, which is using HTTPS and is secured by the newest security certificates. Your data is treated with great care. Therefore our database is physically hosted and located in Frankfurt, Germany by Amazon Web Services (AWS). Scaling our system and your operations is no big deal as we are using a flexible and reliable infrastructure.


We have a distinct security policy for all of our employees. This ensures that each individual working at Closelink is aware about Do’s and Don’ts in treating customer data. In addition to that, access to our system and database is only provided to our leading IT team. In case of emergency, we have a clear business continuity plan which ensures continuation of all systems and operations.

Other companies using the same security standards

You still got questions on your mind?

Is my data shared with third parties?

No. Each customer account is treated separately. There are various security measurements strictly preventing third party access. Admin rights to access our system and database is only provided to our leading IT team and to no one outside our company.

Is Closelink GDPR compliant?

Yes. We are obligated to match the General Data Protection Regulation (Datenschutzgrundverordnung/DSGVO in Germany) requirements. GDPR defines how personal data is stored, secured and used within our system. Already we try to keep personal data to a minimum and we would never do anything to put your data and its security at risk.


Any further questions?

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