Welcome Jonas Reitmann to Closelink


Jonas is ready to join our software engineering team and help boosting our backend and frontend capabilities. Before Closelink he worked several years at FREE NOW (formerly mytaxi) transforming and disrupting the mobility market in Europe and beyond. His skills and mindset is a great enrichment to our venture.

We wanted to get to know him a bit better so we gave Jonas five buzzwords, each to be answered with the first associations crossing his mind.

Your turn Jonas:

There are so many things to learn about this industry which makes me very excited. Especially as someone born in Hamburg I am looking forward to finally understand the shipping market better and help shaping its future.

Definitely not healthy enough with too many burgers and pizza. Will improve. One day.

Something that amazes me every day. Looking forward to revolutionising another industry using modern technology!

I am a huge fan of the local soccer club from Hamburg (HSV) and go to the stadium every other week. Standing on the pitch with friends is also great fun!

Before joining Closelink officially, we had some very intense talks and I just loved the atmosphere, motivation and transparency even though I hadn’t been part of the team yet. Together, we will make an already great product even better.

We’re glad to have you in our team Jonas!