Welcome Arne to Closelink


Arne will support our software engineering team as a working student. Before Closelink he worked at Lufthansa Industry Solutions, shaping and enhancing internal processes. He’s a great addition to our team! Like all other introductions we wanted to get to know him a bit better. Therefore we asked him three questions.

The stage is yours Arne:

One must-have item when you’re trapped on a deserted island?
Probably my family, but it’s not really an item. I think a good item would be a satellite phone. Isn't it?

If you have the chance to meet a superhero. Who would it be?
Iron Man. I’m super interested in the technology used to build the Iron Man Suit and the J.A.R.V.I.S. AI-System.

When you have 30 mins of free-time, how would you pass the time?
If I would be accompanied by somebody I like, I would go out and eat something great. Otherwise I would spend my time relaxing, reading a book or an article and drink a cup of coffee.

Thank you for joining us Arne! Exciting times ahead.