Automating marine lubricants demand prediction

Closelink GmbH and Fraunhofer-Center for Maritime Logistics and Services CML agree on a common project to automate demand prediction for marine lubricants.

„Ship managers collect sufficient and continuous data onboard their vessels today to automatically determine future luboil demand, in particular for main and auxiliary engines”, says Philippe Lavarde, managing director from Closelink GmbH.

Once a future demand is predicted, it is possible to match the delivery window with the vessel’s schedule. By qualifying different ports of call based on product availability and pricing, suitable supply options can be determined automatically and presented to the purchasing manager as a decision support.

Even today it still occurs that lubricants, one of the main cost drivers in technical ship management, are purchased at high costs or ordered at short-term despite a purchasing software in place.

Data- and algorithm-based solutions, which make use of machine learning methods to allow continuous improvement, can help to simplify processes, reduce extra work and avoid unnecessary costs.