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What is Closelink?

Closelink is a cloud-based purchasing platform for Marine Lubricants that allows buyer and seller to work on the same page. RfQs and orders are transmitted, discussed and confirmed online. It’s a perfect tool to reduce workload, to keep costs low and easy to integrate into your current processes.

Why Marine Lubricants?
Because it is something, every motorized vessel requires. Because it is significant when it comes to savings.
But obviously, this is just a starting point.

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Reducing Costs & Effort


It is not necessary to work with complicated and complex tools. Closelink provides a modern, intuitive design. Closelink uses automated processes wherever possible to reduce workload and the risk of human error.


Closelink bundles all relevant information including vessel details, product prices and equivalents and displays them in a single comprehensible frame. Simply compare different scenarios and save  money by making thorough decisions.


Order processes and enquiries can lead to incredibly long chains of e-mails. Closelink offers a messaging center that is linked to each request and order. You can enter, edit and read all order relevant details while communicating with your supplier.


Closelink provides constant visual reporting in a clear and comprehensible way. Be informed about your fleet’s performance at any time. Detect variations easily and support internal and external reporting.


Closelink allows to export data in JSON and XML standard formats to transfer order information into your fleet management system. In addition, Closelink offers the options to mail order details directly to your vessel or download a PDF.


Our objective is to create a tool that perfectly serves its purpose. Our flexibility is our strength. We constantly collect feedback to strive for continuous improvement. Got something to say? Just let us know!

Easy To Use

Closelink does not require stressful installation on your PC. Simply use your browser for access and get started. Modern intuitive design helps to get familiar right away while semi-automation reduces your workload.

Easy To Integrate

Export your data in JSON or XML for transfer into your Fleet Management System. A single click and the confirmed order will be send directly to your vessel. Or download your order as PDF for your local administration.

What Clients say that tested Closelink

Closelink demonstrates how IT infrastructure in shipping will develop in the near future. In comparison to other industries, we still have some homework to do.

Owner, Shipping Company

The approach of cloud-based software is tailor made for shipping, giving its moving assets. Closelink successfully demonstrates its possibilities. I am looking forward to seeing what further ideas they are up to!

Global Marketing Manager, Lubricant Supplier

We invested a bunch of money into a new Fleet Management System to get hold of the increasing requirements to processes and administration in shipping. Closelink is a valuable extension to actually save money as it does not only simplify processes, but does also allow better decision-making based on increased transparency.

Managing Director, Shipping Company

Simple and practical! That’s how software should look like today.

Purchaser, Shipping Company

Meet the Closelink Crew

Our objective is to combine knowledge of shipping, supply chain management and modern information technology.

Philippe Lavarde

Philippe Lavarde


Tobias Schumacher

Tobias Schumacher


Eike Lawatsch

Eike Lawatsch





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